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Know your Rights

  • Online Zoom meeting (map)

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Many rebels felt after April that their decision to get arrested was not an informed one - they were not prepared for the consequences of an arrest.

It's your responsibility to inform yourselves before attending an action, and to support your affinity and local groups in doing the same. You can't always plan an arrest - it can happen very quickly so everyone should prepare themselves for this case, even if you don't consider yourself an "arrestable".

Know Your Rights training covers various topics, including:
- What are your rights when dealing with the police?
- What happens during a Stop and Search?
- What happens during an arrest?
- What are the possible consequences of an arrest or conviction?
- What are rebels likely to be charged with?
- What happens when you go to court?

>>> Please check - use the link below that unique to the date you are training.

Saturday, 14th September, 1-3pm (
Tuesday, 17th September, 7-9pm (
Monday, 23rd September, 7-9pm (
Tuesday, 1st October, 7-9pm (
Saturday, 5th October, 1-3pm (